Sunday, October 3, 2010

There are so many but I want my own

That spot, way in the back. Right at the point where if you took another step you'd get lost. A trail to follow. Where the sunlight only hits half the leaves. Where there's just enough moss to brush your arm but never enough to find it on command. Where the bugs are abundant but they rather not explore your body. Where it's always 75 degrees. "Everyone's" been there but only you know about it. Time slows down and eventually stops. You could think about everything and nothing at the same time. The place where subtle life decisions are made.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Being with a significant other

Marijuana brings you to a different level. And when your sharing that intellectual awareness with a loved one then this amazing feeling overcomes you

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Talking to Strangers

Talking to strangers is especially fun because we all know when your blazed, that you don't give a fuck about anything. So a conversation with a total stranger will always end in a laugh whether it


What is it: Munchies are a bagged snack made by [company]. It has Doritos, pretzels, cheetos, and sunchips in it.

Why is it better with headphones: The name says it all. When you have the munchies, this is the best snack to go for because it has everything you love right in it. Salty, cheesey, crunchy, and just fucking flavorfull.

Showers with music

What is it: Turn on your shower, grap your Axe bodywash and your loofah, your favorite shampoo and possibly your laptop, radio or some bluetooth speakers.

Why is it better with headphones: You start your shower just like any other and by the time you have your hair half way lathered you realize your on a different planet. You'll enjoy the rest of your shower so much that you won't want to leave.

Back Seat Car Rides at Night

What is it: Sometimes it's called an L ride, hop in the backseat of a decent car full of friends and blast some good music.

Why is it better with headphones: The combination of the bass in your chest, pleasant sounds in your ear, the g-force from the car ride, and all of the lights from other cars, stores and streetlights put you in a different world.


What is it: Ecstacy (MDMA) is a man made drug that is synthesized in a lab. (or someones basement) Tiny facts are on Wikipedia

Postives: You feel amazing, 100% positive thoughts, everything feels good to the touch, your in love with everyone

Negatives: You can die if you get bad pills, excesive use can lead to memory loss and rotting of the brain., Addictive, the more you do it the more you have to take to feel the same way.

Why is it better with headphones: E is unlike smoking marijuana, but it is AMAZING when you do both. You are fully in control of your body. Ecstacy intensifies your positive feelings and since everything is intensified when your high then your in for a treat with this combo. Worth a try or two. (or three)

Beat Hazard [PC]

What is it: Beat Hazard is a one or two player game in which the players are aircrafts in space. The enimies consist of astriods, other small and medium space ships and boss ships.

Why is it better with headphones: The sound track of the game is determined by the music on your computer.The intensity of your guns and lasers increase as the song builds up. The louder and crazier the track, the more intense the visuals and weapons are.

Download Steam and get the demo for 5 free plays or buy it for $9.99